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What to Expect Starting With the August 2024 LSAT?

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

LSAC has announced a major forthcoming alteration to the LSAT, scheduled to take effect at the inception of the next testing cycle, commencing with the August 2024 examination.

Starting from the August 2024 test, the LSAT will comprise two scored Logical Reasoning (LR) sections, one scored Reading Comprehension (RC) section, and one unscored section, which may be either LR or RC. This unscored section will enable the LSAC to pilot items for future tests. More information about the August 2024 test is available on the LSAC website.

Recalling the events of 2019, LSAC entered into a settlement agreement with two individuals who, owing to their visual impairment, contended that the Analytical Reasoning section, commonly referred to as "logic games," disadvantaged them since they couldn't employ diagrams to solve these problems.

After extensive examination of alternatives, LSAC has determined that the most effective approach for assessing students' reasoning skills is by introducing a second Logical Reasoning section, which will replace the current logic games section.

To reiterate, this change will not take effect until August 2024. For students planning to take the LSAT between now and June 2024, there are no alterations. Their examination will comprise a single segment for Logical Reasoning (LR), one designated for Reading Comprehension (RC), a section devoted to Analytical Reasoning (AR), and an additional unscored segment. In addition to the new preparation materials available in February, the LSAC will continue to provide test preparation resources for the existing test format throughout the current testing cycle.

Since students are already familiar with the LR section of the LSAT, introducing a second LR section at the beginning of a new testing year will have a minimal impact on those who have commenced LSAT preparations. Starting in February 2024, LSAC will also provide test preparation materials that align with the revised test format.

While the transition is set to occur in a number of months, AoPrep is proactively notifying students to facilitate ample time for planning and preparations.

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