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LSAT Reading Comprehension Intensive

LSAT Reading Comprehension Intensive

The Reading Comprehension section tests both your understanding of the content and the structure of selected writings on four subjects. 


Through vigorous practice and refinement in tackling the RC section both as a student and a tutor, I have developed Reading Comprehension strategies that have helped hundreds of students improve their RC skills. 

In the Reading Comprehensive Intensive, I will teach you how to master each passage and question type with consistent accuracy and high speed. 


We will cover all Passage Types:

  • Social Sciences, Humanities

  • Natural Sciences

  • Law

  • Comparative Passages

General passages include one long passage with 5-8 questions on the meaning, tone, structure, and logic of the text. 

Common questions include:

  • Which one of the following most accurately expresses the main point of the passage?

  • It can be inferred from the passage that the author would be most likely to believe which one of the following?

  • In the context of the passage, the author’s primary purpose in mentioning lines [xx-xx] is?

  • Which one of the following most accurately describes the relationship between the second paragraph and the final paragraph?

  • The author's attitude toward [xx] is? 

Comparative passages include two short passages with 5-8 questions on the content and relationship of the two passages.

Common questions include:

  • Both passages were written primarily in order to answer which one of the following questions?

  • It can be inferred that which one of the following the authors of the two passages would be most likely to agree/disagree over?

  • Which one of the following most accurately characterizes a relationship between the two passages?

  • Which one of the following principles underlies the arguments in both passages?

  • Each of the two passages mentions?

Sample Curriculum

Lesson 1: Social Science Passage

Lesson 2: Humanities Passage

Lesson 3: Natural Sciences Passage

Lesson 4: Law Passage

Lesson 5: Comparative Passage

Note that this is only a sample and the Reading Comprehension Intensive curriculum will be adjusted and tailored toward your budget and needs.

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