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AoPrep Ultimate


If you are looking for LSAT tutoring for the entire test, this is the right package for you. AoPrep Ultimate is the ideal package for a full-length immersion into all three sections of the LSAT. 


I will first diagnose your strengths and weaknesses by analyzing your latest prep test results and then create a customized lesson plan tailored to your individual needs.


We will cover all three sections of the LSAT:

  • Logical Reasoning

  • Reading Comprehension

  • Logic Games (Removal Impending in August 2024)

The Logical Reasoning section tests your ability to understand, critique, and parse through various arguments. You will either be asked to draw logical inferences from the stimulus or to assess an argument in some respect.

The Reading Comprehension section tests both your understanding of the content and the structure of selected writings on four subjects: Social Sciences, Humanities, Natural Sciences, and Law.

The Logic Games, or the Analytical Reasoning section, tests your deductive reasoning skills and is the most challenging section for most test-takers. Note that this section will be removed starting August 2024. 

We will first tackle Logical Reasoning, then move on to Reading Comprehension, and finish with Logic Games (if pre-August 2024). How the number of sessions will be allocated between LR, RC, and LG will largely depend on your individual strengths and weaknesses for each of the three sections. 

I will devise a personalized tutoring schedule as well as a study schedule for you according to your availability.


I will provide you with all the study materials and tell you precisely what to drill and how to drill in your own study time to make your LSAT studying as efficient as possible. 

Sample Curriculum

Sample Curriculum

Lesson 1: LR - Main Conclusion

Lesson 2: LR - Role of Statement, Method of Reasoning

Lesson 3: LR - Flaw

Lesson 4: LR - Parallel Reasoning, Parallel Flaw

Lesson 5: LR - Strengthen, Weaken

Lesson 6: LR - Principle

Lesson 7: LR - Necessary Assumption, Sufficient Assumption

Lesson 8: LR - Must be True, Most Strongly Supported

Lesson 9: LR - Paradox, Point-at-issue

Lesson 10: RC - Social Science, Humanities Passage

Lesson 11: RC - Natural Science Passage

Lesson 12: RC - Law Passage

Lesson 13: RC - Comparative Passage

Lesson 14 (if pre-August 2024): LG - Sequencing Games

Lesson 15 (if pre-August 2024): LG - Grouping Games

Note that this is only a sample and the AoPrep Ultimate curriculum will be adjusted and tailored toward your budget and needs.

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