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LSAT Tutoring 

Let us Reason Together


 Hi, I'm Jeff.

Jeff Cui | Private LSAT Tutor | Toronto

I am the founder and head tutor here at AoPrep. I am also a U of T Law grad and a litigation lawyer in Toronto. On the LSAT, I scored in the 93rd percentile, along with a perfect score in the Logic Games section.

As Canada's top-reviewed private LSAT tutor with students across the country, I have 2,500+ hours of instructional experience with students from all walks of life — including those with ADHD. I've developed a highly effective tutoring curriculum that has helped numerous students excel on their LSAT.

I am not your stereotypical LSAT tutor with a genius-level IQ who aced the test with little effort. On my first diagnostic, I scored a 151 and a disastrous 4/23 on the LG. I had to learn the LSAT from scratch. 

I know what it's like to work my way up the LSAT's ranks. I know how you can improve your score, wherever you are in your LSAT prep journey.

Let's do this LSAT thing, together.


Your 3-Step Process to Success


1. Personalized Study Plan


After our initial free consultation, I’ll create a customized LSAT study plan for you based on your LSAT goals, learning style, schedule, and strengths and weaknesses.


I’ll provide you with a clear roadmap on how you can achieve your target score. I'll also provide you with all the study materials you need. 

2. Elite LSAT Tutoring


With 2,500+ hours of LSAT tutoring experience, I have achieved outstanding results for my students, frequently exceeding their expectations. 


My students have often noted my natural ability to break down complex LSAT concepts into simple language and clear visuals. 

3. Weekly Guidance

I’ll check in on you every week to see how you are doing. If you’re unclear about a concept, I’ll provide clarity. 

If you’re feeling anxious, I’ll be your calming influence.


If you’re feeling unmotivated, I’ll be there to encourage you. You’ll get the accountability you need, week in and week out. 



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