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Logic Games Intensive


The Logic Games Intensive is the bread and butter of AoPrep LSAT Tutoring. Having achieved a perfect score on the Logic Games section of the LSAT and having devised the Systematic Mastery Method, I am Canada's go-to tutor for LG mastery. 


Through vigorous practice and refinement in tackling the LG section as a student and in working with hundreds of students as a tutor, my Logic Games diagrams and problem-solving strategies are among the very best.

In the Logic Games Intensive, I will teach you how to master each game type and solve questions systematically with perfect accuracy and lightning speed. 


We will cover all Logic Games types:


  • Linear/Ordering/Sequencing games 

  • Grouping/Assignment games

  • Miscellaneous/Rare games

Linear games involve placing items into sequential order and determining their relative positions. There are roughly 5 subcategories of this variety. 

Grouping, unlike linear games, involves assigning items into two or more categories. In/Out games also fall under this type. 

Miscellaneous games are games or types of games that appear on the LSAT with low frequency. Circular, Mapping, and Pattern games belong to this category. 

I will teach you to develop a very strong grasp of each type of Linear game and Grouping games as well as their various hybrid forms. I will also teach you to calmly tackle some of the most unusual Logic Games ever released on the LSAT to bolster your general analytical reasoning skills and test-taking confidence.

Prone to careless errors on the LG section? The Logic Games Intensive program will help you develop crucial habits to reduce them to a minimum. If you are coming into the program with poor habits, I will help you "unwire" them and develop superior practices. 

Many students have reported an exponential increase in their LG score upon their completion of the Logic Games Intensive with AoPrep. If you find LG to be your worst section, the Intensive is definitely the right program for you.  

Sample Curriculum

Lesson 1: Pure Sequencing

Lesson 2: Basic Linear Balanced

Lesson 3: Basic Linear Unbalanced

Lesson 4: Advanced Linear Balanced

Lesson 5: Advanced Linear Unbalanced

Lesson 6: In/Out Games

Lesson 7: Grouping Defined Fixed Balanced

Lesson 8: Grouping Defined Fixed Unbalanced

Lesson 9: Grouping Defined Moving

Lesson 10: Grouping Linear Combination (Hybrid) & Grouping Partially Defined

Lesson 11: Mapping, Pattern, Rare


Lesson 12: Miscellaneous

Note that this is only a sample and the Logic Games curriculum will be adjusted and tailored toward your budget and needs.

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