Sample Lesson Plan


Lesson 1: Reading Comprehension (Introduction)

Lesson 2: Must be True, Most Strongly Supported, Point-at-Issue, Paradox

Lesson 3: Main Point, Role of Statement, Method of Reasoning

Lesson 4: Flaw, Principle

Lesson 5: Strengthen, Weaken

Lesson 6: Necessary Assumption, Sufficient Assumption

Lesson 7: Reading Comprehension (Comparative Passage)

Lesson 8: Basic Linear Games (Part 1)

Lesson 9: Basic Linear Games (Part 2)

Lesson 10: Advanced Linear Games (Part 1)

Lesson 11: Advanced Linear Games (Part 2)


Lesson 12: Basic Grouping Games

Lesson 13: Advanced Grouping Games (Part 1)

Lesson 14: Advanced Grouping Games (Part 2)

Lesson 15: In/Out Games

Lesson 16: Parallel Reasoning, Parallel Flaw, Complete the Passage

Lesson 17: Pattern, Mapping, Miscellaneous Games

Lesson 18: Review RC, LR, and LR Methodology & Prep Test Review

Note that this is only a sample and your LSAT curriculum will be adjusted and tailored toward your budget and needs.