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Logical Reasoning Mastery

Design Book

AoPrep Logical Reasoning Mastery is the ideal curriculum for students who hope to achieve consistent results on the Logical Reasoning section of the LSAT.


Through vigorous practice and refinement in tackling the LR section as a student and in working with hundreds of students as a tutor, I have developed and perfected a stellar curriculum for students aspiring for LR mastery. 

In the Logical Reasoning Mastery curriculum, I will teach you to accurately understand and dissect arguments and master each question type. 


We will cover all types of Logical Reasoning Questions


  • Main Conclusion, Role of Statement, Method of Argument

  • Flaw, Principle

  • Strengthen, Weaken

  • Necessary Assumption, Sufficient Assumption

  • Must be True, Most Strongly Supported

  • Paradox, Point-at-issue, Parallel Reasoning/Flaw

Students have consistently overcome their LR plateau upon their completion of the Logical Reasoning Mastery curriculum with AoPrep. If you are struggling with achieving consistent results with this section, this curriculum is definitely the right for you.  

Sample Curriculum

Lesson 1: Main Conclusion, Role of Statement, Method of Argument

Lesson 2: Flaw, Principle

Lesson 3: Strengthen, Weaken

Lesson 4: Necessary Assumption, Sufficient Assumption

Lesson 5: Must be True, Most Strongly Supported

Lesson 6: Paradox, Point-at-issue, Parallel Reasoning/Flaw

Note that this is only a sample and the Logical Reasoning curriculum will be adjusted and tailored toward your budget and needs.

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